mercato della terra nel cilentoCilento Earth Market is part of a worldwide network of farmers’ markets respecting the SlowFood philosophy.

These community-run markets are important social meeting points, where local producers offer healthy, quality food directly to consumers at fair prices and guarantee environmentally sustainable methods. In addition, they preserve the food culture of the local community and contribute to defending biodiversity.

Earth Markets usually include a wide range of fresh produce, preserves, meat and dairy products, eggs, honey, sweets, bread, oil and beverages.
All produce must meet specific quality criteria, reflecting the Slow Food principles of good, clean, fair and healthy.

Good: fresh and seasonal, healthy, tasty and able to stimulate and satisfy the senses.
Clean: environmentally sustainable cultivation and production processes, no GM crops, local.
Fair: accessible prices for consumers and fair compensation and conditions for producers.
Healthy because health is a fundamental topic, and when we talk about health, more and more often we refer to what we eat and the environment in which we live.

In addition, the products help to preserve the food culture of the community hosting the market and contribute to defending biodiversity.

Every first Sunday of the month in Agropoli (Salerno) at La Fornace in via Lombardia, 18.
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(recommended parking: via Taverne, adjacent to the “E. De Filippo” Cineteatro • Agropoli)